With IFA 2012 just around the corner, most Android manufacturers are thought to be sharpening their knives for what’s going to turn into a battle of life and death come the holiday season. It’s no longer a secret that the spotlight in Berlin will be on Samsung, Sony and LG, all expected to come out with a bunch of exciting new gadgets, but somehow HTC managed to be very discrete about the company’s plans for the fall/winter seasons.

The only HTC device just about confirmed as being on display at the IFA is the rather modest Desire X phone, while the much awaited One X+ (or One XXL) has fallen off the radar these past few weeks. As much financial trouble as the Taiwanese might be in right now, it was very hard to believe that HTC will only unveil the Desire X at the last major tech event of 2012, so we were waiting for some kind of surprise for some time now.

And quite the surprise it is, in the form of a rather original (and quirky) looking 10-inch tablet. The slate has been leaked courtesy of a bunch of photos published on Twitter, so we can’t be sure of its existence, although there are a few things that make us believe in the pics’ accuracy.

First off, the source of the photos is the infamous evleaks Twitter account, which has been disabled some time ago, but it seems to have revived now. This was the source of several accurate leaks and rumors in the recent past, so if it is in fact the same account, chances are this 10-incher is real, too. Secondly, the pictures don’t look fake to us, although there are a few things that just don’t add up.

The display seems too bright and artificial in a couple of the pictures (especially in the one below), so we’re betting it was photoshopped in the images. Then again, that doesn’t necessarily mean the images are fake and it could mean that the tab wasn’t fully functional at the time of the photo shoot.

Leaving the credibility issue aside for a moment, we should talk a bit about the actual leaked tablet. And the first thing we have to say about it is that it looks like a huge gamble for HTC. The Taiwanese only had a couple of tablet efforts in the past, with both the Flyer and the Jetstream failing pretty miserably.

That said, we understand why HTC would want to get back into the game with some thinking outside of the box, but this 10-incher just seems like too much. The design is certainly original and unusual, but it could be easily interpreted as tacky and unpractical. The bezel is extremely thin on three sides and quite thick on the fourth, which might seem weird for users, especially when holding the tablet in portrait mode.

To make matters worse, the tab as a whole also resembles a bit Apple’s iMacs, so not only it could be viewed as a bizarre-looking gadget, but it could also feed HTC to the lions. The placement of the two cameras seems uninspired too, especially the front-facing one, which for some reason centers that huge bezel.

As you can imagine, we know nothing about this slate’s tech specs and features, but it’s obvious that it will sport a 10-inch display and will come with an optional docking station of some sort. If it is in fact real…

Who here thinks HTC is seriously considering getting back into the tablet game… with this?

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