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HTC is coming through on its promises to put its customers first by offering a $100 discount on a new HTC 10 upgrade for both HTC One M9 and HTC One M8 owners that never used Uh Oh Protection. While there have already been a few $100 HTC 10 discount codes doing the rounds, if you missed out on those it’s nice to have a back-up solution.

Unfortunately, you can’t combine the previous discount codes with the new upgrade code, so the best HTC 10 price you’re going to get is $499. Still, for a phone that a few people grumbled was too expensive at launch, offering a crispy Benjamin off is a good way to sway those on the fence.

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All you have to do to claim your $100 discount off your next One (you don’t have to buy the HTC 10, but why wouldn’t you?), is hit the link and enter your details to see if you’re eligible. You’ll need to have a HTC One M8 or One M9 and not have made any claims with Uh Oh Protection.

If you’re a fan of the HTC 10 look but not its software, the rumor mill is starting to warm up with tales of a HTC Nexus this year. While there is nothing credible behind the rumors yet, HTC did admit to working closely with Google on removing software double-ups for its Sense UI on the HTC 10…

What do you think of this upgrade option? Have you ever used Uh Oh Protection?

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