If you were lucky enough to get an HP TouchPad this time last year during their “fire sale” for $99 (16GB) or the $149 (32GB) your Android luck hasn’t run out yet. Remember, Android first came to the HP TouchPad via CM7, Gingerbread. A few months later, Android 4.0 came to the HP TouchPad, bringing a true tablet UI to the 10″ popular slate. The CyanogenMod development community continues to grace the HP TouchPad, this time with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean showing up via an unofficial CM10 preview release.

This preview released is exactly what it says it is. A preview of things to come. WiFi seems to be working great and many apps are working as you can see from the demo video below. As of right now, audio does not work and you cannot play videos via YouTube or from the Gallery. However, you can play videos via the MX Player app (without audio). Besides those minor hiccups, Jelly Bean is buttery smooth on the TouchPad as advertised and Google Now even works!

If you’re itching to pull the trigger to give this preview release of Jelly Bean, CM10 a try, here’s how you can get started:

The following is assumed you are familiar with installing CM7 or CM9 on your HP TouchPad. Please proceed at your own risk.

Download the following 4 files:


GApps 7-26-2012

Modboot 0.3.5

ClockworkMod or TWRP 2.1.1

Place them in your cminstall directory on your HP TouchPad (the same directory you used to put Android on your HP Touchpad originally.)

Download the NEW ACMEInstaller v3 for CM10

ACMEInstaller v3

Connect your Touchpad to your computer via USB cable.

Reboot your TouchPad into the HP Recovery.

Launch a command prompt window. (CMD)

Navigate to the location where your ACMEINstaller3 file is located.

Type: novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller3

Your HP TouchPad will begin installing the CM10 preview release.

YouTube and RootzWiki user  has provided the following demonstration video and hands on installation tutorial for all to see. Thanks Roland!

Happy flashing!

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