Owners of the discontinued HP TouchPad are probably scratching their heads for buying a tablet already dead in the water. Fortunately, mod teams are busy building Android ports to several devices including the HP TouchPad, for which a pure Android Honeycomb version has been developed by a group called Team Xron.

The team’s port itself is a fork of another port made by another group known as CyanogenMod. Whereas the latter placed some signatures around its ports–such as its own boot animation–Team Xron offers a purer experience with Honeycomb themes, icons, and widgets based on the Google Nexus One. Apps that come bundled with the installation include Google Talk, Google Music, Swype keyboard, Netflix, and Adobe Flash Player.

Switching TouchPad’s operating system to a modded Android version will at least give some life to the tablet since its official WebOS platform was discontinued by HP in late August. Getting an Android port, on the other hand, will give you access to a countless number of apps as well as hardware features. Bugs, incompatibility, and reliability issues are to be expected, however.

However, after keeping its Personal Systems Group, HP may be considering to continue supporting the TouchPad (and WebOS). Recently, HP is actually selling the tablet again but exclusively for developers.

Were you able to buy an HP TouchPad during the fire sale?  And, is it still running webOS?  Want to try putting Honeycomb on it?

Conan Hughes
Contributor at Android Authority covering all things Android.