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HP’s first Android smartphone could come this year

Industry sources quoted by Digitimes claim that HP is going to release its first Android smartphone in the second half of 2013 “at the earliest”.
August 2, 2013

HP made some serious missteps with the ill-fated Palm acquisition, which ended up as a write-off and a very public embarrassment for the Silicon Valley giant.

Under CEO Meg Whitman, HP went back to the drawing board, and decided that the best way to move forward was to embrace Android. The first fruit of this newfound love was the Slate 7, a so-so 7-inch budget tablet, that we found decent, though in no way competitive with products from Google or Asus. Then there was the HP Slatebook x2, which just launched this week.

While tablets are important, HP obviously can’t ignore the smartphone market, as Whitman herself admitted back in September 2012. Now Digitimes cites industry sources in Taiwan that claim HP’s first Android smartphone could be launched “in the second half of 2013 at the earliest”.

How credible is this report? Well, as a latecomer, HP needs to enter the smartphone market fast, so it makes sense for the company to strive to launch its product sooner rather than later. Digitimes isn’t known for extreme reliability, on the other hand, and even if this report is accurate, it could be just a general timeline that is still open to change.

HP is clearly a resourceful company, with huge experience and expertise in technology. The company could also take advantage of its massive clout in the enterprise sector, which is an undeniable advantage. With that in mind, HP might bring a valuable contribution to an already rich ecosystem, provided it can succeed where others are failing.