Barely a day after HP CEO Meg Whitman hinted in a TV interview that they haven’t given up on their smartphone ambition, up popped a purported HP phone on the benchmark scene, bearing the name “Bender.” And what a surprise it was to see that the HP Bender runs Android OS.

What you’re looking at are two GLBenchmark test results of the upcoming HP phone, which were first spotted by Slash Gear. The name is certainly intriguing, but it’s not what catches our eyes the most.

Apparently, the HP Bender will be powered by what the other cool phones on the block are sporting, a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor. Another interesting tidbit of information is the display resolution of the Bender. At 1,366 x 720 pixels, the resolution isn’t exactly one that is commonly found on Android phones.

Completing the list is the scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich that the HP Bender will be serving.  And that’s about all that we can dig up.


HP Bender benchmark

HP Bender benchmark

HP hasn’t exactly had a stellar reputation ever since it basically run Palm down to the ground. There’s no way of knowing whether the HP Bender (in Android flavor) is real for now, but rest assured we’ll be keeping an eye or two on this one.

Any thoughts about the supposed Android offering from HP?

Bams Sadewo
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