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How To

How to hide files, photos and apps on Android

by John Dye March 16, 201620 comments

How to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android

by Jimmy Westenberg July 25, 201788 comments

How to change fonts for Android

by Team AA August 30, 201742 comments

How to use NFC on Android

by Edgar Cervantes April 24, 201717 comments

How to delete apps from your Android device

We take a closer look at the different ways you can delete apps on your Android device.
by Mitja RutnikJuly 24, 2017

Improve your phone’s sound: Headphone volume booster apps and more

If you feel the sound coming from your phone's headphone could use some boosting, there are several ways you can do just that.
by John CallahamJuly 21, 2017

How to make Google your homepage on Chrome for Android

If you own an Android phone, one of the first things you might want to do is to set your Chrome browser to the Google website, and here's how do to it.
by John CallahamJuly 19, 2017

How to take a photo in manual mode on your smartphone – Gary explains

Many camera apps offer a manual or pro mode that gives you direct control over the camera. But what do all those settings mean? Let me explain.
by Gary SimsJuly 18, 2017

How to upload your saved photos and videos to Snapchat

The Memories feature in Snapchat lets you upload any of your saved photos or videos to the social networking app, and we show you how to do just that.
by John CallahamJuly 18, 2017

Problems with the OnePlus 5 and how to fix them

We take a look at some of the problems OnePlus 5 users have come across, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them!
by Ankit BanerjeeJuly 17, 2017

How to set up and use Google’s new Backup and Sync tool

In this post, we explain exactly how to set up and use Google’s new Backup and Sync tool, step by step.
by Mitja RutnikJuly 17, 2017

How to change the Bluetooth audio codec on the OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 allows users to change the Bluetooth audio codec on their device should they want to use higher-end headphones. Here's how to do it!
by David ImelJuly 15, 2017

How to change default apps on the OnePlus 5

OnePlus is including a default app menu which allows users to select exactly which apps they want to perform specific tasks at any one time.
by David ImelJuly 14, 2017

How to use and customize the light or dark theme on the OnePlus 5

Many users would like to get a consistent theme throughout their device, and OnePlus has built in a way to make your phone look exactly how you like.
by David ImelJuly 13, 20171
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