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What to Expect at Google I/O 2011

Google I/O 2011 is going to absolutely rock the world of Android, and we’re going to be their, live-blogging as it all goes down! Google is arguably the world’s most ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 6, 2011

Wanna DJ your News like a Pro? Get Taptu!

Taptu originally started as a mobile search company, but has shifted gears recently, and is now producing some very cool apps for Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Claiming to let you “DJ your ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 6, 2011

The Android Projector Phones are Coming!

Sure, dual core this, quad core that, but how about having an awesome projector in your Android phone to share choice clips and pics with friends and family? We have some great news ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 6, 20117

The Android Superphones of 2011 [Spreadsheet]

The year of the superphone has finally arrived. We’ve seen a lot of powerful phones come in this year from all the major manufacturers. These aren’t your run of the mill, ...
by glennMay 6, 201114

Feeling Lazy? Get LazyDroid!

There’s always going to be times in your life that you don’t feel like doing anything. You just want to lie in bed, surf the web and you don’t feel like picking up your phone. In ...
by Chit AgustinMay 6, 2011

Android Injector Installs APKs in a Snap

Vexed because you can’t download those cool free apps from Mobango? Or just frustrated that Android Market doesn’t let people in your town download apps? Here’s some good news ...
by glennMay 5, 20117

World’s First True Firewall for Android Just Launched

We’ve always been big proponents of security here at Android Authority, and talked about the Security Architecture of Android in a piece previously. There’s been a lot of ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 4, 20118

DROIDX2, LG Revolution, Sony Xperia Play Verizon Release Dates Revealed

Hold off on buying any phone, Verizon subscriber. The PR Brigade at Verizon reached out to the boys at Droid-Life to “share” the upcoming release schedule for some ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 4, 20114

World’s Thinnest Tablet – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Hits the FCC, Due on North American Shores ...

Looks like some good news is coming your way, Honeycomb fans. Samsung unveiled a new ultra-thin version of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet at CTIA this year, and ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 4, 20112

Have a Mac? Have an Android Tablet or Phone? No Problem thanks to SyncMate!

About time Apple and Android learned to play nice. Don’t think this software is being made by Apple though, they won’t have any of it. Like most true software innovations ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 4, 20115
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