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The Best Android Apps of the Week

Android is exploding! With over 200,000 apps currently available, and with Android having the most free apps in the world, it can be daunting to find relevant, awesome new apps for ...
by Chit AgustinMay 17, 20111

The DS File: A Cloudless Dropbox

In a nutshell, it is simply Dropbox reinvented to suit the growing needs of the Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) community. You can now seamlessly (and remotely) manage and ...
by glennMay 16, 20111

Nvidia CEO Says New Wave of Android Tablets is Going to Rock the World

NVIDIA CEO – Jen-Hsun Huang is one smart guy, and has helped make NVIDIA on of the top tech companies in the world of GPU’s. Most recently, Huang went on the public ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 16, 20111

HTC Sensation Coming to T-Mobile on June 8th

The HTC Sensation 4G is poised to be one of 2011’s most powerful, most beautiful, and most sought after Android smartphones. We most recently compared two of 2011’s ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 16, 20111

Motorola Droid 3 Benchmarked & Processor Confirmed – Fast!

We’ve just gotten another piece of the rumor puzzle of the juicy superphone that is the qwerty toting Motorola DROID 3. It appears that the initial rumor that detailed the ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 15, 20113

Samsung Galaxy S II Overclocked to 1.5Ghz and Beyond!

Obviously having the fastest and arguably one of the best smartphones in the world isn”t enough for some people. While some would be nervous to do exactly what this guy has, ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 14, 20112

How To Use Your Android Phone For Business

While Android is indeed becoming more and more popular by the minute, it still isn’t the platform businesses rely on for their mobile needs. BlackBerry, because of their robust ...
by glennMay 14, 20114

Super HD 10.1 Inch Tablet Display Coming Soon from Samsung

Samsung and Nouvoyance have just showed off a new prototype 10.1-inch, 300dpi, WQXGA PenTile display for tablets. What exactly is WQXGA and how will it make my life better, you may ...
by Darcy LaCouveeMay 13, 20112

Best Android Portrait QWERTY’s for Sprint Compared: Bye Bye, Blackberry

Sprint is really on an Android handset blitzkrieg this year! They started out January with the HTC EVO Shift, then rolled on to the first ever dual screened smartphone – the ...
by Darryl DoakMay 13, 20113

The Android Market: Fresh New Look & More

Google I/O has kept the hype coming, with its constant attention-grabbing, and we are getting more and more thrilling news as the day goes on. Since yesterday, they were ...
by Chit AgustinMay 13, 2011
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