If you have a DROID RAZR, then good for you. Motorola has included one of the most useful apps, Smart Actions, to make life just a wee bit easier for the user. Basically, it allows the phone to perform certain actions when certain conditions are fulfilled. For example,  you could set your phone to automatically switch to WiFi (Action) when you enter your home or office (Trigger). Or, you can change your sound profile to silent during your sleeping hours. Once you have set the triggers and actions, you don’t have to think about them again.

What about the rest of us who don’t have a DROID RAZR and the associated Smart Actions app? Fret not dear reader, as there are apps with similar functionality on the Android market. One of the apps I tried out was Llama. According to the developer, Kebab Apps, Llama is a location aware mobile application. It works on the same premise of triggers and actions, except they are called ” Conditions ” and ” Actions “.

Instead of using GPS to get your location, it uses nearby cell phone towers to triangulate your position. Through this method, it does not use any more battery than what your phone normally uses to latch onto a signal.

Also, because of the long list of conditions and actions, it has proven useful for me. Since I’m a student, I move around a lot from classes to the canteen and back during the long breaks in between lessons. Llama allows me to stop fiddling with the sound profiles on my phone every time I move around, and focus on other things. Llama is available for free on the market. For those on ICS, refer to the developer’s website for a tweaked version.

If you want even longer lists of conditions and actions to play with, I recommend Tasker by Crafty Apps. It’s also available on the market, for a price of $6.49. So, dear illustrious, intelligent and knowledgeable readers, would you set up so called “smart actions” on your device? It’s a nifty idea, certainly. What do you think?