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How to Turn Off 4G LTE Network Mode on the Galaxy Nexus and Save Battery

December 29, 2011

Who can resist browsing the Internet at lightning-fast speeds? Thanks to 4G LTE, you can download an app or a song within seconds. This excellent performance comes with a price, however.

Though many of today’s batteries have been designed to keep up with the demands of regular usage, some people may find their devices’ battery power running out rather quickly. This could mean a variety of things, but for users of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, your device’s connection to Verizon’s 4G LTE network may be a factor for the power drain.

If you find your device losing power at a disappointing speed, then it is recommended to switch off your 4G network connection when not in use. The process is quite easy. You can just follow these steps to switch from 4G LTE network mode to 3G:

  1. Slide the Notifications window open.
  2. Tap the Settings button at the top.
  3. Tap the “More” button.
  4. Select Mobile Networks.
  5. Select Network Mode.
  6. Select CDMA.

By choosing CDMA for your network mode, your device is kept from constantly searching and finding 4G networks in your area, thus resulting in battery savings. This also means your phone will be running on 3G until you change the settings again.

Planning to stream a few YouTube videos or watch a full movie without the hassle of buffering? Turn 4G LTE back on by going through the same path and selecting LTE/CDMA. Your device will now automatically connect to any available 4G LTE network in your vicinity. You’ll be able to surf the Internet at your preferred speed again, but it’s highly recommended to do so when you’re sure you can recharge easily. After all, you won’t need to surf the Internet while you’re driving, so switch over to 3G until you get home or until you really need it.

As an effect of 4G LTE’s blazingly fast download speeds, the Galaxy Nexus’ battery drains faster. Though turning it off may mean having to browse the Internet at a slower speed than you like, speed is a small sacrifice especially if you’re looking to extend your battery life for a few more hours. This is certainly handy if you’re traveling or if you do not have your device’s charger or an outlet within easy reach. You can also opt to turn off 4G when you’re in locations with poor 4G signal. Whenever you need to squeeze out a couple more hours of juice from your battery, make sure to give your network settings a visit and temporarily turn of 4G LTE network mode.

Do you often find yourself running out of battery while using your Galaxy Nexus?  What other battery-saving tips can you think of to help save battery power?