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How to transfer Apple Music to Spotify

Moving your songs from Apple Music to Spotify doesn't have to be a hassle.
October 26, 2022

If you want to switch streaming services but don’t want to lose all your songs, you’ll need a way to transfer them all. When moving from Apple Music to Spotify, neither service offers an official way to do this, but here’s how to transfer songs from Apple Music to Spotify with third-party solutions.

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There's no way to use Apple Music or Spotify themselves to transfer your music. Instead, use a third-party service, such as Soundiiz, Tune My Music, or another option. To transfer your songs, make an account with the music transfer service, select Apple Music as the source and Spotify as the destination, and give the service permission to access your music accounts.


How to transfer your Apple Music playlist to Spotify

Neither Apple Music nor Spotify offers any way to transfer your music between services. Thankfully, there are third-party options. There are many available, and they work in roughly the same way; here are a few:

We’ll use Soundiiz for this guide. To use it to transfer your music from Apple Music to Spotify, do the following:

  1. Click Start now on the Soundiiz website.
  2. Choose a sign-in method that works for you, such as Google, Facebook, or create a new account with Soundiiz.
  3. Click Let’s go.
  4. Select Apple Music and sign in to your account.
  5. Pick Spotify and sign in to your account.
  6. Choose Apple Music as your source, and select the playlists you wish to transfer.
  7. Set Spotify as the destination.
  8. Soundiiz will ask you to permit it to access Spotify and Apple Music.
  9. You’ll see a screen showing you how long the transfer should take.
  10. Once the transfer finishes, you can see if there were any errors or missing songs during the transfer process.

After the process is complete, your Spotify music should have the songs from your Amazon Music account. Ensure that the list is correct; if you notice anything missing, you can correct any errors manually.

Finally, you may revoke account access from the service you used to transfer your music. For Apple Music, you can do this in the For You tab > Tap on your profile photo > Apps With Access on iOS or For You > Click the three-dot menu > Settings on macOS and revoke access from the transfer service. For Spotify, login to your account on the Spotify website, then click Apps > Apps with access to your Spotify information > Remove access.

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Yes, there are some. To transfer songs, you have to give the transfer service account access. However, you may revoke access once the process is done.

That’s up to you. You should cancel if you don’t want to pay for your old service anymore. Make sure to cancel it after transferring all your songs, or you may lose access to them.