As a long time user of Fraps on PC, Screencast came as a blessing. Screencast is an app for Android that has the ability to record exactly what is happening on my phones screen, much the same as Fraps can do on my PC. The possibilities of this app are endless, and the developers at Media Solutions make it easy, as long as your device is rooted (which is to be expected). When I opened Screencast, I was first greeted with the need to grant the app Superuser permissions, and after that, the option to either view the tutorial or skip it.

I quickly browsed through the tutorial, and found out Screencast was simple enough to use. After the brief introduction, I messed around with the settings; it seems that with the options presented, most phones shouldn’t have a problem recording. The options include:

  • Video Resolution
  • Video Orientation
  • Frames Per Second (FPS)
  • Filename options
  • enable animated User Interface (UI)
  • lastly Enable Transparent UI.

Depending on your phone, each option can be adjusted to give you better usability. With higher-end phones these options give you the ability to do just about anything with the app, from recording a tutorial, to uploading game play of dungeon defender.

After you create a video, Screencast makes it very easy for you to upload said project through the video selection screen. Simply hold your figure down on the desired video, and select share. It will then give you the options you generally would have to share a video you just created with your phones camcorder. I had no problem uploading a test video to YouTube, that was almost five minutes long, created at 21 FPS on normal quality. coming in at the size of about 30 megabytes.

Using Screencast to record my phones UI was quick and easy in all respects; it ran pretty smooth, and it was very detailed (high @ 30 FPS).  I noticed while recording 3D games, using normal resolution would produce a more balance FPS. While on games such as Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, it would have no problem recording in high resolution at 30 FPS.


Considering all the good things this app has to offer, I found some changes I would like to see with Screencast. I would like the ability to record sound either through the phone’s microphone or from the audio output (speaker), something that is currently not available. I could not get Screencast to run on my Xoom, I assume it is not a supported device since I could not find Screencast on the Xoom’s market. Also, adding an option for Screencast to be able to minimize automatically after hitting record would be a nice touch. Overall, I was quite impressed with Screencast, and found that it was easy to operate, and ran relatively smoothly in all uses I ran it through.

Download: Screencast