Trying to find cool things to do with your Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Live Messages are definitely a unique feature you will want to take a look at.

Live Messages are a unique way to create fun drawings or writings using the S-Pen. The app creates a GIF, showing the user’s message and its process. It will pretty much show a live representation of your handwriting/drawing.

Want in on the action? Let’s show you how this is done!

Launching Live Messages

This is actually a very simple process. There is no need to fumble around app drawers and home screens. Simply pull out the S-Pen, which will launch the pen shortcut. Open it and select “Live Messages”. This will pull out a window with everything you need to create your message.

How to create a Live Message on the Galaxy Note 8

Some great options will make it fun and easy to customize your creations. For starters, there are three types of brush strokes to choose from. These include Ink, Glow and Sparkle. The functions are self-explanatory. Ink is a basic brush, Glow simply highlights lines, while Sparkle brings a glittering effect to your writing.

Furthermore, you ca select brush thickness and color. I do wish color and brush options were more ample, but the options are good enough to keep things fun without too much repetition. When ready, simply select your brush preferences and squiggle away.

There is also a background option, which makes it possible to draw over any image of your choosing. Simply hit the “Background” option in the upper-right area of the window and select a color or image. Then go ahead and draw whatever you wish on top of it.

How to share a Live Message

Once done with your creation, chances are you will want to share it away. To do this, press “Done” on the upper-right corner of the Live Messages Window. A preview of your message will appear, along with a “Share” button. Tap on it and then select how you want to show off the GIF animation.

Revisit old Live Messages

Of course, these GIF files will be sent to your gallery, but Samsung has also added a shortcut straight to the Live Messages window. Launch the app and select “Collection” in the lower-right corner of the screen. All your previous creations will be stored there.

Wrapping up

That’s it! Now you are ready to impress your friends, family and loved ones with awesome Live Images. These simple animations can make someone’s day, so go create some memories with your new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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