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How to Run a Photo Slideshow of Your Facebook Friends When They Call You

December 29, 2011

Facebook has become the social media hub for many netizens and has grown so huge that keeping tabs on friends online has become as easy as sifting through your phone’s address book.

Another great thing about Facebook is the multitude of apps surrounding the popular social networking site. Developers are crafting new applications to be integrated with Facebook. One such application is Facetones.

Facetones is a free application that specifically aims to bring your Facebook experience up to the next level. From the name itself, Facetones integrates Facebook and your mobile phone into one social media hub that provides you the ultimate social calling by displaying your friend’s Facebook photo when she or he calls you over the phone. Gone are the days when you have to manually set your friends’ photos, as Facetones is here to do all the work for you.

Installing the application doesn’t require you to do some fancy configurations. In fact, the app will automatically synchronize and match all of your Facebook friends and your phone’s contact list. So, whenever a friend calls your mobile phone, a neat mash-up video slideshow presentation of your friends Facebook photos will be shown. This is a good way to stir up a conversation, most especially since the application hooks up all of your friend’s latest pictures. That pretty much gives you an idea about how your friend is doing right now.

The great thing about this application is that it can auto generate video slideshows of your friends’ Facebook photos when you start a communication with them. Since the application automatically updates itself, you’ll be happy to know that all of your contacts will have your friends’ latest pictures in them. Users will also have the ability to manually match their Facebook friends through their phone’s contact list in just two clicks.

After you install the application, you need to input your Facebook account before proceeding. The app requires your credentials to sync all your Facebook friends’ photos and info with the address book on your phone. This process is called match making, during which all of your Facebook friends will be matched accordingly with the contact list of your phone’s address book.

If you enjoy the free version of Facetones, then we recommend trying out the 5-dollar version known as Facetones Pro. It provides all the same features in the free edition but with a few added extras.

Created by Vringo, Facetones is a free application that you can download from the Android Market. The developer has pledged to update the up with exciting new features and additional support for other social networks in the near future.

Have you tried Facetones? Does it make your Facebook experience better?