With Ice Cream Sandwich just around the corner – the Samsung Galaxy S2 for T-Mobile and its Galaxy S2 siblings are likely to have the highest bounty to get ICS on it as soon as humanly possible. If you’re thinking about wanting to truly customize your Android phone – and this is currently one of the best Android phones on the market – then look no further than rooting! Check out our comprehensive guide here!

That’s right, there is finally a way to root your Galaxy S2 on T-Mobile, thanks to some of the forum members on RootzWiki’s forums. For those of you new to Android, rooting is amazing. It basically give you the ability to have total control of everything on your device, much in the same way an administrator would have full access to a computer. Right now, if your phone isn’t rooted, you’re really more like a guest. Rooting allows you to remove or freeze bloatware — like Verizon’s VCast and other carrier specific apps — that are annoying, and you are unable to delete without being rooted. Oh, and then there’s everyone’s favorite – flashing custom ROM’s!

So lets get to how to root your Galaxy S2 on T-Mobile.

If you need a little bit of a primer on rooting, check out this article.


Rooting your device will void your warranty. Android Authority and our staff are in no way responsible for any damage, psychological trauma, robot uprisings, or other unfortunate incidents that may occur from your choice to use these methods.

What You’ll Need:

1. ODIN Ver. 1.8.4 (or greater). Can be found with Google.
2. Your correct Windows drivers. These can be had via Samsung Kies, which can also be Googled.
3. Clockwork Recovery ODIN for T-989. Download HERE or HERE.
MD5sum for reference: md5sum – 8bf6802a84d85aa7da0c1976c0f129d1
4: Superuser APK and su, which can be downloaded HERE.
5: An SD Card for Clockwork Recovery to work.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1: Make sure Windows recognizes your phone in ODIN. To do this use the adb command adb reboot download. Or Turn off the phone, hold both PWR + Vol Down, and plug in the USB cable.
2. Select the ‘PDA’ button and browse to recovery-cwm-hercules.tar.
3: Select ‘Start’.
4: The file should flash to recovery and reboot the phone.
5: After the reboot, mount USB storage and copy the Superuser.zip file to the SD card.
6: Reboot into recovery with the adb command adb reboot recovery or power off, unplug the USB, hold down the Vol Down+ Vol Up buttons and press Power.
7: You should boot into Clockwork recovery.
8: Perform a nandroid backup from the backup/restore menu.
9: Select ‘Install ZIP from SD Card’ choose the Superuser.zip file, and let it install.
10: Reboot your device.

Once your device reboots, you should be rooted with SuperUser access, and able to do almost anything with your Android device now. Now you can flash new ROM’s to your heart’s content.

Are you looking to root your T-Mobile Galaxy S2?

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