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Is the Google Pixel Watch supported by Google Fi?

Use Google tools on your Google smartwatch.
January 12, 2023

Google offers great and flexible coverage with support for a broad list of devices. Among those devices is the company’s first-ever smartwatch. Find out how to use Google Fi on your Pixel Watch.

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The Google Pixel Watch is supported by Google Fi but you must have an existing Fi account.


Can I use my LTE-enabled Pixel Watch on Google Fi?

You can use your Google wearable to make phone calls and to send messages or access data on Google Fi. If you are on a Flexible or Unlimited Plus plan, you do not need your phone nearby. If you’re on the Simply Unlimited plan, you can connect through Fi when you’re within Bluetooth range of your Fi device.

How to add a Pixel Watch to your plan

A Google Pixel Watch user sets up their new device.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Before getting started, confirm that your Google Pixel Watch app, Fi app, and Wear OS app are each updated to the latest version and that you are singed in with your Fi email.

  • Open the Google Pixel Watch app and follow the onscreen prompts to begin setting up your device.
  • When setting up cellular service, select your Google Fi account.
  • Tap Set up or buy a plan.

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The Google Pixel Watch is the first smartwatch support by Google Fi.

No. Simply pair the watch with your phone and activate the 4G LTE option with your compatible carrier. Your Google Pixel Watch will share the same number as your number.

The Google Pixel Watch offers a unique Wear OS experience deeply integrated with Fitbit’s powerful ecosystem. On the other hand, its a first-generation device with a lot of room for improvement. Find out what we like and don’t love about the device in our Google Pixel Watch review.