New_Droid[1]DROID owners that can’t wait for Verizon Wireless to push the OS 2.0.1 update to their DROID now have the option of manually installing the update to their handset themselves. The instructions are posted over at AllDroid forums and are as follows:

  • Download the zip file which contains the update (available at AllDroid)
  • Rename the file to “” and copy to the root directory of the sdcard
  • Power off the DROID
  • Power it back on while holding down the “X”  key on the QWERTY keyboard
  • When you see the “/!” symbol, release the “X” key and press and simultaneously hold the volume up key and the camera key
  • Use the onscreen menu to install, You will need to use the D-pad for navigating and selecting menu items
  • When the update is completed, select the option to reboot the phone
  • Enjoy the improvements in the latest OS

The procedure is short, sweet, and seemingly foolproof. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, though, as any error could lead to irreparable damage to the software on your device. If you decide that the benefits outweigh the risks and you go ahead with the manual update, let us know what you think about all the improvements in OS 2.0.1 for the DROID.

[via PhoneArena]