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How to install the Zagg InvisibleSHIELD on the Samsung Galaxy S3

July 11, 2012

After spending a small fortune on your new Samsung Galaxy S3, the first thing that usually comes to mind is how you are going to protect it. You can go the conventional route and purchase a plastic case that will surely keep your S3 protected. But maybe you want something different…

The Zagg InvisibleSHIELD is a great alternative to the standard case, as it provides “military grade” protection, without adding any bulk to your phone.

So what exactly is the Zagg InvisibleSHIELD?

The Zagg InvisibleSHEILD is a top of the line screen protector made of a material that was initially used on military helicopters, to keep dust, dirt, and debris at bay. You have the choice of purchasing screen protection for just the front screen of your device, or you can get both front and back full protection.

What will the Zagg InvisibleSHIELD do for my device?

  • Scratch Proof: The InvisibleSHIELD is virtually scratch-proof and will keep your Galaxy S3 as clean as when you bought it. Need proof? Check out the scratch test:
  • Coverage: The screen protector molds to your device, covering each and every area of your device, offering ultimate protection.
  • Drop Resistance: The InvisibleSHIELD will improve the grip that you have on your device, thus preventing accidental drops.
  • Glare Reduction: The invisibleSHIELD will provide your Samsung Galaxy S3 with a slight “orange peel” texture that will break up glare and reduce finger print smudges.

How to Install the Zagg InvisibleSHEILD on the Samsung Galaxy S3

To learn how to install the InvisibleSHIELD simply follow our very own video tutorial that will guide you through the installation steps.

What do you think of the InvisibleSHEILD? Does it offer good screen protection? What are some of the negatives about the Zagg InvisibleShield?

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