This is the second part of a guide of getting ICS on your Xoom, there first section here gives direction on how to unlock and root your Xoom. So yesterday I posted a video of ICS running on my Xoom, and a quick overview of it in action. Here I am going to explain how to install ICS on your Xoom.

So now that you are unlocked and rooted:

1) First Download the following files and place them on your sdcard

CWM Package:
Pure AOSP –

Google Apps –

2) Then you must install the latest version of ClockworkMod on your Xoom, you can get it from the market here.

3) Once installed open ClockworkMod on your Xoom and under RECOVERY select “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery”

4) Next select “Reboot into Recovery” also under RECOVERY

5) It is recommended to create a Nandroid backup under “backup and restore”

6) Now select “wipe date/factory reset”, your Xoom will be reset to factory setting, meaning you will lose all personal data that was on your Xoom

7) Now goto “install zip from sdcard” then “choose zip from sdcard”

8) Now select “” and select install

9) Now the ROM is installed, next select the file “” and select install

10) Reboot, and you should have successfully installed ICS on your Xoom along with google apps!

Last, this is an early ROM with some of the features not fully functional, I will try to keep updated install files down below in the comment section as they are released. Thanks again to Razerbladex401 in the XDA forum’s for this ROM.

Brandon Sobotta
Brandon has been into Android since the G1, and has played with devices such as the Hero, Moment, Evo, Epic, Incredible 2, and his current favorite the Droid 3. His passions with Android lay with rooting and ROM's, while at the same time learning all the new tricks he can do with his Droid 3.