Although the Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy S2 has already been confirmed, I could not help myself when news on the Alpha port of ICS for the SGS2 appeared on the web. Despite having a “stable” ROM, not everything seemed to be functioning at this point of time – all thanks to its developer xplodwold.

Being the “serial flasher” that I am, I took the first dive into the ICS port to get a taste of this sweet treat. Considering that it was an Alpha port, it’s not a recommended daily ROM that will pique the interest of most users. Although, it’s surprisingly smooth on the SGS2 (maybe even smoother than the Galaxy Nexus I checked out earlier this month). Overall, I’m impressed by the overall finesse of ICS.

If you can’t resist the temptation, take a leap and flash away with the guide available below.
If you prefer to take a peek at a Pure Google experience check out the gallery after the guide.

Before you begin, please make sure your SGS2 is rooted with a kernel containing CWM recovery.

Step 1
Download the alpha build of the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 from here. Copy this to the root of your phone’s internal memory.

Step 2
Using the CWM app with the kernel, reboot your Samsung Galaxy S2 in Recovery mode. You can also press the Volume up + Home + Power button simultaneously (when your device is powered down) to boot into recovery mode.

Step 3
Now, you’ll need to format your phone’s /data, /cache and /system partition.
Using the volume up and down buttons to move and Home button to select; choose the ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option followed by the ‘wipe /cache‘ option. Format the /system partition by going into ‘mounts and storage’, and then selecting ‘format /system’ partition.

Note: I also wipe my dalvik cache under “Advanced” (out of habit). I am not sure what the consequences are if this is left untouched. 

Step 4
Select ‘install zip from SD card.’ Navigate and select the ICS zip file which you downloaded and transferred to your SGS2 in step 1.

Step 5
Once the flashing process is done, repeat Step 4 again. You will need to flash the ROM twice so that it will work properly.

When the ROM has flashed, navigate back to the main menu and select the ‘reboot system now’ option. Wait.

Voila! Ice Cream Sandwich is served!