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How to Use Facial Recognition for Facebook Friends and Log Your Meetings with Them

December 31, 2011

When Google released Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich a month ago on the Galaxy Nexus, we discovered that tons of new exciting features were loaded onto the device, the most notable of which was the Face Unlock capability. Instead of using the traditional sleek sliding bar or the rotating lock screen to unlock your phone, Face Unlock uses your face to gain us access to our device.

Applying the concept of facial recognition has come a long way that even today it has been constantly developed not just for unlocking phones but also for many other applications such as identifying friends in Facebook. Developers behind the app called remembAR is integrating the same facial technology being used in Face Unlock to identify your Facebook friends and keep a recorded journal of your meetings with them. The app can also be configured to publish posts directly to your Facebook Wall.

Instead of traditionally typing status updates about your latest gatherings with friends, you can simply launch the remembAR application and scan your friends’ faces to record that important event. Considering you have couple hundred to a thousand friends on Facebook, you might ask how the app knows whether or not the person in your camera’s viewfinder is connected to you.

In order for RemembAR to match perfectly your Facebook friend’s photo to its real-life counterpart, you need to authorize the app to allow access to your Facebook account. Doing so will let the app scan all of your Facebook friends from your account, analyze each of your friends’s photos, and try to find a match to the image found on your camera. It will virtually scan all your Facebook friends’ photos while displaying relevant suggestions on the top-right corner of the screen until a match has been found.

If a match is found, you’ll be greeted with a notification stating that it successfully recognized your friend’s facial features. You can save that meeting by tapping the check button and the app will directly post it on your Facebook Wall. This option can also be disabled by heading to the application’s settings menu.

In the event that the application fails to display the correct suggestions, you can always hit the X button beside each friend to completely remove her or him from the screen.

The app also supports your phone’s flashlight. You can enable this feature by heading to Menu and selecting FLASH. If you want to view all the recorded meetings with your friends that took place, you can always tap the middle icon on the application’s homescreen to view all the recent logs.

Overall, RemebAR is a radical application that uses facial technology to connect with your friends. If only the developers could expand their audience not just by catering to Facebook but also to other popular social networks such as Twitter and Google+, then certainly they could reach out to more users snapping their friends’ faces to record important events.

If your phone has Android 2.2 or higher, you can download remembAR from the Android Market for free.