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How to Extend Your Samsung Galaxy S2’s Battery Life

December 7, 2011

Samsung’s smashing success with the Galaxy S2 has reaped many joys and pleasures for many happy Android users. Despite the fact that it has won the hearts of many users, the Galaxy S2 still shares the same dilemma found in many Android devices–being prone to poor battery life.

With a massive 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen that is enough to satisfy ones craving for entertainment, it’s a monstrous device that consumes energy at very alarming speeds. Hopefully, there’s a remedy to get around the battery drain. With a few simple tips and tweaks, you should be able to feel a significant increase in your phone’s battery life.

Reduce screen brightness

The Galaxy S2’s Super AMOLED Plus screen is by far the largest battery consumer that could gobble down your battery life. To get more juice from your device, try disabling the automatic brightness option and manually set your phone’s display to the lowest brightness setting possible.

Less widgets means more battery

If you have 4 to 5 homescreens with tons of widgets piling on each page then your phone is bleeding with unnecessary battery consumption. You may not know it, but widgets like weather applications, news feeds, and social networking updates tend to consume more battery as these widgets use your phone’s data connection and auto sync capabilities every once in a while.  Keep only those important widgets that you need or you could try setting the widgets to sync only at a specific time and or on specific days.

Switch between 2G/3G connectivity

Your phone tends to use more power if it can’t find a decent signal to connect.  When traveling to locations where signal reception is poor, try to switch between 2G and 3G connections. That way you can save time and battery by switching to those signals.

Disable GPS / Bluetooth

Users normally don’t mind if their GPS or Bluetooth are turned on. Use these only when you want to locate places on the map or to send files to other users in the room. Turn off GPS and Bluetooth and use them only when they are needed.

Disable auto rotate / motion sensor

If you’re not playing games or need to tilt your phone, disable the motion sensor. Enable it only when you need it as it also tends to eat battery without your ever knowing it.

Underclock your phone’s CPU

The second culprit behind the Galaxy S2’s mammoth battery consumption can be attributed to the CPU. With the phone running twin 1.2 GHz processors, it could likely eat away more battery power than it can chew.  Rooted users of the device can install the SetCPU for Root Users app to underclock the phone’s processor down to the lowest speed possible when the device is not used.

Keep your background image simple

Live wallpapers are awesome to look at, but they also tend to consume more battery when your phone is in idle mode. As a suggestion, use only a plain background. Darker images like a black background can also help your device save battery, as Super AMOLED Plus is very efficient in rendering images that are not brightly colored.

Full cycle charge

Many users tend to charge their phone even it doesn’t need any charging. Constantly charging your phone at every chance you get can keep your phone fully charge all the time–but it does not help your phone’s overall battery health at all. Overcharging can degrade your phone’s battery.  So can doing quick charges and not full cycle charges. Only recharge your phone when it hits the red and let it completely fully charge to 100 percent without any interruptions. That way, you are keeping good battery calibrations on your device, as well as maintaining battery health.

Try these energy-saving tips on your Samsung Galaxy S2 and you will notice that your phone will have longer battery life.  Plus, by sticking to good practices (especially in relation to charge cycles), you can help prevent your phone’s battery from degrading more quickly than usual.

What other energy-saving tips do you know for the Galaxy S2?