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How to Enable Priority Inbox on Your Android (and Setting Important-Only Notifications)

November 25, 2011

Good news to all Android 2.2 users! Google has released an update of their Gmail application. This update supports the feature called Priority Inbox. At the same time, an option for important email alert notifications can be modified.

Before discussing how to enable this feature on your device, you need to know how good Priority Inbox is. Compared to other apps, this lets you rearrange and customize important emails on your device. Over time, the app gets wiser and automatically determines which of your recipients are most important. This is a setting you can manually adjust too.

To get an update of this application, you need to head over to the Android Market. Once there, you simply need to access Menu > Downloads. A list will populate and it is here where you can update Gmail. If an update is unavailable, then it means it has already updated itself automatically or your device does not support Android 2.2 at the very least.

Enabling important-only notifications by setting Priority Inbox as your default inbox:

  1. Open the Gmail application. Then hit Menu > More > Settings.
  2. Check the option for Priority Inbox so you can turn it into the default inbox. By enabling your email notifications, you get to access the priority emails on your Gmail account.


Accessing Priority Inbox without Setting Gmail as the Default Inbox

If you wish to receive a notification for every email you receive, you have the option to skip setting Priority Inbox as the default option. The folder can still be accessed by going to Labels > Priority Inbox. Alternatively, this is the same method to follow to return your inbox back to normal.

You can easily indicate how essential your received emails are by choosing from Not Important or Mark Important from the Menu.


Modifying Sync Setting on Priority Inbox

Normally, Priority Inbox does not sync everything by default. Instead, it will only sync the last 4 days. In order to modify this setting, you simply have open the app and change the value by heading to Menu > More > Settings > Synchronization.


If you find it distracting, you have the option to switch off receiving email notifications on your device.