If you’ve ever gone on a trip, you’d be familiar with how stressful it is to plan it. It’s not just about making reservations at a hotel or checking the map for your must-go-to locations. You’ll need to make sure your trip is safe. And then, you also need to check the weather, the currency rates, must-have items for your first aid kit, maps — the list goes on! Thankfully, Trip Organizer is here to make your trip planning less stressful.

Recently released on the Android Market, Trip Organizer is powered by the experts at Netglobers and Europ Assistance.  It is an app intended to help users prepare for their trips, whether for leisure or for business, right from the comfort of their own Android device. More than 150 countries are covered by this app.

To use this app, you’ll need to log in with a valid NetGlobers or Facebook account. You’ll then be prompted to fill in your current area of residence, as well as your nationality. This helps determine the availability of various facilities and services in your area that may aid you in putting your trip together. Once that’s done, you now pick your travel destination.

On Trip Organizer’s homescreen, you’ll find a To-Do tab along with other tabs such as My Trips, Local Events, Tools, and My Profile. My Trips provides a list of your chosen travel destinations, with your overall progress for each plan. Use the Local Events tab to catch concerts and other programs while on your trip. Tools gives you access to useful phone numbers, a currency converter with 34 currencies supported and updated daily, a travel-oriented phrasebook, and maps. You can of course find your personal account information in the My Profile tab.

Trip Organizer gives you a to-do list of important tasks, such as what to bring. For each of your travel destinations, Trip Organizer provides an updated weather forecast so that you’ll never be caught in a storm again. It also gives you access to travel reports from other visitors as well as information on various insurance schemes and official documents. Trip Organizer will also remind you of mandatory and recommended vaccines to prevent catching nasty bugs and viruses.

To check if you’ve got all your bases covered, check with the Total Progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

Trip Organizer Lite is the free release of this app, which gives you access to its basic functions. The paid version sells for US$5.40 and gives you access to Metro Maps around the world, the option to save your vital documents (e.g., your passport, identity cards, and your visas), as well as video clips of “Do’s and Don’ts” for certain locations. Most importantly, you can get access to all the continents. Truly a must-have for a frequent traveler.

Visit the Android Market now to get your travel details organized with Trip Organizer.

Carl Parker
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