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Here are all the ways you can deselect in Photoshop

Keyboard shortcuts are typically the fastest method.
January 20, 2023

It’s not particularly hard to deselect items in Adobe Photoshop, or in most apps for that matter. But if you’re trying to optimize your workflow, there are a few ways of deselecting areas, objects, and layers.


To deselect most things in Photoshop, hit Control-D in Windows, or Command-D in macOS. You can deselect layers by Control- or Command-clicking on them.


How to deselect in Photoshop

Using your mouse

If you’ve got an area or object selected in Photoshop, say using the lasso or Magic Wand tools, just right-click the selection field then choose Deselect.

Using your keyboard

Hit Control-D in Windows or Command-D in macOS.

Using the Select menu

Deselecting in Adobe Photoshop
Roger Fingas / Android Authority

At any time, you can go to the top menu bar and choose Select > Deselect.

How to deselect a layer in Photoshop

Deselecting a layer is slightly different, but not any harder. Usually it’s best to Control-click on a layer if you’re using Windows or Command-click on it if you’re using a Mac.

Alternately, you can click in the blank space below the lowest layer, or navigate to Select > Deselect Layers in Photoshop’s top menu.

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