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How to delete a Google review

It's a good thing they are not written in stone.
January 11, 2023

Google reviews are a fast and convenient way to find out about a business or other organization. It’s useful not only in finding out other people’s opinions, but hard facts as well, such as the average wait time at a restaurant at lunchtime, or the size of the rooms in a hotel. These important factors are not likely to find their way into advertisements. So it stands to reason that there should be some way of amending or even removing reviews after the fact. This might be due to an honest mistake, or something said in the heat of anger. Or the reviewer might observe that a business owner is acting on problems pointed out in their review, and wish to remove their objection.

And this need to be able to take down reviews must be balanced against people’s right to know what might be embarrassing truths about a business. Both must serve increased accuracy, which helps everyone (Google included). It’s a good thing Google reviews are not written in stone; you can remove your own reviews, and report the reviews of others when you think they have gone too far. These situations are governed by specific rules, so read on for the details on how to delete a Google review.

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To delete a Google review, go into your Business Profile and tap on the Reviews tab. Find the review you want to delete. Tap on the three-dot icon, and then on Delete Review. Enter the reason you think the review should be removed. Click on Submit to send the notification to Google.


How to delete a review you wrote on Google

You need to be on a PC to delete a Google review. The feature is not available on the mobile app. To begin, log in to your Google account and open Google Maps. Click on the three-line menu in the upper left.

Delete Google Review Open Google Maps
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

From the menu that comes up, click on Your contributions.

Delete Google Review Your Contributions
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Click on the Reviews tab and locate the review you want to delete. Click on the three-dot menu next to it.

Delete Google Review Three Dot Menu
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

From the menu, click on Delete review.

Delete Google Review Delete Review Button
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Google will ask you to confirm the deletion. Click on Delete to finalize the process. The review is now removed.

Delete Google Review Confirm Delete
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Can you delete a Google review someone else posted?

No, you cannot. If you could, anyone reading the reviews of a business would have to wonder what opposing views have been removed. Any review system would quickly become chaos, completely meaningless and of no real help to anyone, if users could take down someone else’s review.

Of course, this is the internet, so some reviews are going to be inappropriate, either in what is said or the way the reviewer says it. Google allows for two ways to have an inappropriate review removed. You can report the review to Google and ask for a review that, if, successful will result in the review’s removal; or you can respond to the review in the hope of getting the reviewer to edit or remove their review. Let’s review these two procedures.

Can you report a Google review?

Yes, you can. And if your report is based on a violation of Google’s rules for posting reviews, you have a good chance of having the offending review taken down. What you will not be successful at is reporting a review simply because it is negative, even scathingly so. Negative reviews are best handled by responding to the reviewer (see below). Here are the types of content Google will not allow in a review:

  • Civil discourse (or lack thereof): This category covers everything from language that is “clearly and deliberately provocative,” to unsubstantiated accusations of criminal acts, to outright calls for violence. Doxxing also falls under this prohibition.
  • Deceptive content: This wide-ranging category includes paid reviews, blatantly false statements (such as that the business has closed down), reviews from people who have never used the business, impersonating someone else, or using the review forum as a place to lure in unwary users to a phishing or other baiting scam.
  • Mature content: You have to keep it clean in Google reviews. Obscenity, violent imagery, and pretty much anything to do with sex will put your review in Google’s crosshairs.
  • Regulated, dangerous, & illegal subjects: Not only can you not include links to any site that offers guns, fireworks, alcohol, controlled medicines, gambling, or adult or financial services, you cannot even advocate for their use in a general way. This does not mean you cannot mention that the restaurant you went to serves wine; you just can’t include a link to the vineyard.
  • Quality of information: This last category includes offenses that are not so much dangerous or immoral as they are confusing or annoying. Writing rants about religion or politics in a review is off-topic. Posting the same review from multiple accounts wastes people’s time. And posting long blocks of gibberish text to throw off Google’s filters (or as some sort of expression of your rage at the business owner) won’t work and makes the page hard to read. That’s why all three of these are on Google’s no-no-list.

If your business has been subjected to inappropriate reviews on Google, refer to this list to see if you have a case for having Google remove them. If you think you have a case, here is the procedure for reporting a Google review:

Open Google Maps and tap on your icon at the top right to bring up your business profile.

Delete Google Review Tap on Business Profiles
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Tap on Reviews.

Delete Google Review Tap on Reviews
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Find the review you want to flag and tap on the three-dot menu.

Choose Review to Flag
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Tap on Report review.

Report Review
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Google will ask you to specify why the review is inappropriate. When you finish and submit your report, the review process will take several days.

Delete Google Review Submit Report
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

How to respond to negative reviews on Google

The other way to remove a Google review from your business profile is to get the reviewer to remove it themselves. This is the opposite of the cut-and-dry procedure for reporting an inappropriate review. It requires diplomacy, professionalism, and direct contact with your reviewer through the Google app or website. The Reply button is at the bottom of each review in your profile. Just the act of replying will help you manage your reviews, because fewer people will leave terrible reviews when they know there might be a confrontation over it. There are definite best practices when responding to a negative Google review, and they are mostly the same as when dealing with an upset customer in person. They include:

  • Move quickly: There is no better way to let your customers know you care about customer service than to respond to a negative review as soon as possible. The same day is best.
  • Put away your resentment: It very well may be a dishonest review, but unless you can prove it, you have to assume the customer is describing their experience truthfully. You don’t have to believe what they say, but as the owner of the business, you are obligated to assume that they believe it.
  • Acknowledge their frustration with empathy: Someone had a bad experience at your place of business. That should concern you. Show that concern.
  • Focus on problem-solving: Once you have apologized for whatever is causing this problem, focus on making it better. You might say you want another chance, and ask what that would require. Give details on what you plan to do to fix the situation that upset them. This is where you want to give the impression of being a prepared business owner, who expects problems to occur occasionally and is ready to make things right. Be careful not to directly offer a discount or free food or the like for the removal of the bad review; this in itself would violate Google’s review policy.
  • Thank them for the feedback: Expressing gratitude for criticism (as an opportunity for improvement) makes you appear to be a concerned business owner who puts customer happiness above being right all the time.
  • Follow up: The reviewer has to leave an email to review. Follow up on your online response to the review with an email. This will make your disgruntled customer feel important and may even turn them into a repeat customer.

Remember, if the criticism is legitimate, the customer is doing you a favor by bringing it to your attention, even if they do it in an obnoxious way. And if it’s not legit, you still have a chance to show that you are the adult in the room and are on top of your business. Good luck!


You can delete and re-review an establishment as often as you like.

The only way to do that is to delete your Google account.

No, you can only flag a review on your own business account.