You can download ringtones for your mobile phone from many sites on the Internet, but some people want their ringtones YouTube-style or they want customized ringtones out of their favorite music videos on YouTube. But, why pay for ringtones when you can create your own for free from YouTube videos?

This article will walk you through very simple and easy steps in making a ringtone for your phone out of your favorite YouTube videos–no signups, no need to give away your email, and it’s totally free.

Converting YouTube Videos to MP3

Just follow these instructions on how to convert YouTube videos to MP3:

  1. On your computer, browse to YouTube and choose the videos that you want to convert into ringtones. You can choose any video that you like in YouTube.
  2. After choosing your video, you have to strip the video from YouTube.  For that, go to On that site, go to “Convert Videos to MP3″ and paste the URL into the text input bar  and click the Convert button.
  3. After the video has been converted to MP3, you will see a link saying “Click here to download.” Click the link and it will take you to another link where you can download the MP3 file. Ignore the pop-up advertisements that appear on the site.
  4. After downloading your MP3, you may want to trim and edit it if you only want a segment of the audio or if you want to remove segments that you don’t want to include. You can use  Audacity to edit and trim your YouTube audio. It’s a great opensource freeware for editing sound files, but you can use other audio editing programs if you want.

Creating Your Android Ringtone

After you finish editing YouTube MP3, you can now copy the file to your Android phone. This would be very easy because Android considers almost any sound file usable as a ringtone. Here are the final steps in creating your ringtone:

  1. Connect your Android phone to your computer.
  2. Create a ringtone folder in the root directory of your SD card. (It’s better to create a folder if you don’t have one to be more organized and so that  you can easily find your ringtones.) 
  3. Copy the YouTube audio that you have made earlier into the ringtone folder of your Android phone.
  4. Set your Android phone to use the new MP3 file as its ringtone. The location for configuring this one may differ from phone to phone, but in most cases, it should be easy to find in the Settings menu.

Customizing your Android phone’s ringtone doesn’t mean you have to pay extra. With the instructions in this article, all you need are extra patience and effort. Making your own ringtone really is not that difficult.

Have you tried making your own free ringtones from YouTube videos? What ringtone is the default one on your phone right now?

Ken East
Ken is an expert on management and is currently engrossed with his newly started adventure in logistics management. But, that's only his second love. His first love, of course, and without being mushy when this is said, is Android.