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How to create a company page on LinkedIn

It's a way of leveraging your expertise.
January 24, 2023

LinkedIn may not be the most scintillating, fashionable corner of social media, but where do you go first when you need to find a job? LinkedIn actually has a few more uses than that. One is promoting your business or organization by posting relevant, valuable content that people in your industry would benefit from knowing. Creating a company page on LinkedIn is a way of leveraging your expertise by using it not just to perform your job, but to broadcast that you use the latest technology or the best practices for your specialty. You can also publicize your company’s values, which both expands and focuses your lead generation.

Creating your company page is just the first step, of course. You have to flesh out your company profile, and consistently post engaging content, for your company page to do its job. If you are diligent about it, you can raise your company’s industry visibility and actually use LinkedIn to make money. It all starts with setting up your company page, though, so let’s review the quick and painless procedure for doing so.

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On your LinkedIn landing page, click on the Work icon next to your profile photo. Click on Create a Company Page. Choose your type of organization and provide identifying information about it. Click on Create page. Complete the remaining steps by adding a description of your business, phone number, logo, and your first post.

How to create a company page on LinkedIn

Before we begin, keep two things in mind: one, that you must have a personal LinkedIn account to create a company page; and two, that creating a business page on LinkedIn can be completed on a desktop or laptop, or on an iPhone or iPad — it is not possible on Android devices.) OK, first sign in to your LinkedIn account. Click on the Work icon in the upper right.

Create LinkedIn Business Page Click on Work Icon
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From the menu that appears, click on Create a Company Page.

Create LinkedIn Business Page Click on Create a Company Page
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Choose your type of organization. Unless you represent a school or you are expanding on an existing business page, you should click on Business.

Create LinkedIn Business Page Click on Company
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

You will have to enter details about your business such as its size and what industry it’s in. You also must check a box to affirm that you are authorized to speak for your organization. Then click Create Page.

Click on Create Page
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LinkedIn will remind you that completing your company page’s profile information will make it much easier for it to serve its purpose of publicizing your company and driving lead generation.

Complete Page Setup
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Yes, you can disable comments on posts to your company page. You can also re-enable them later. If you disable comments after comments have already been left, those comments will be deleted. Deleted comments will not be restored if you re-enable comments.

No, you cannot. Not only is a personal LinkedIn account required for you to create a company page, but the account must be more than seven days old, it must be considered Intermediate or All-Star (based on how complete your information is and how many connections you have), and it must have some connections associated with it.

There are a few reasons. If you just started your personal LinkedIn account, it may be too new for you to start a company page — wait a day and try again. Your company name may already be on LinkedIn — you can claim the page. Your personal network may not have enough connections. You may have created too many pages that day. If you are creating showcase pages, remember the limit is 25 per company page. And it may be a simple browser issue that can be solved by clearing your cache.

Yes, creating and maintaining a LinkedIn company page is free.

No, creating and joining a group on LinkedIn is reserved for individual accounts. Individuals at your organization, however, can form a group about your organization and manage it.

Yes, it can. Use the search box to bring up links to companies you want to follow.