If you are an Android user and you love to take lots of pictures and share them to your friends right away, Photobooth is a must-have for you. Uploading lots of photos on the Internet through your Android phone can be such a headache for many because you have to attach all of photos–one by one, in most cases–and uploading batches of photos can sometimes take forever to accomplish.

Photobooth is simply fun and easy to use.  It’s just plain and functional. It functions just like a real-life photo booth–the only difference is that there’s no physical booth and that it is in your phone. Just think how cool it is to have your own photo booth in your phone that you can use anywhere anytime. When you use Photobooth you can easily combine the photos in your phone’s gallery and share them in a single file as a photostrip.

Steps for Combining and Uploading Your Photos

Combining you photos and sharing them afterwards takes only a few steps. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select the photos that you want to combine (a maximum of 3 photo selections for photostrips).
  2. Combine the three photos.
  3. Change the layout, order, and size (you can decide whether your photostrip will be vertical or horizontal).
  4. Share your photostrip instantly via your Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google+, or Gmail accounts.

Easy, huh? All you have to do is select the photos from your gallery, and after selecting them you can then combine them. Also, you can play with the layout , the order, and the output size depending on what you want. The output will depend on your creativity.

Now, if you are one of those that do not have Photobooth yet, here are some things that might convince you. Let us go through the advantages and the disadvantages of using Photobooth.

Awesome Things About Photobooth

  • It doesn’t forcibly add styles, filters, effects, stickers, and/or captions to your photo.  That actually makes the outcome more personalized.
  • It’s a very user-friendly app. You can use it easily even if it’s your first time to use it.  Most other photo apps have a steep learning curve.  This one doesn’t.
  • Photobooth is very lightweight–only 158 KB.  It’s unlike other apps that eat some considerable storage space that you can use for storing other stuff.
  • It’s free.  You do not have to pay anything when installing it.

Not-so-awesome Things About Photobooth

  • The major downside to the app is its limit on the number of photos that you can combine into a photostrip.  You can only add a maximum of three photos per photostrip. It would have been much better if the app can combine more than three.
  • The app has limited features–just basic features of combining photos into a photostrip and sharing it instantly.

This software was developed to be plain and simple, and making lightweight also means that it will pack less features. Nonetheless, the app is very user-friendly, making it more appealing to use than other apps that are very complicated to use.  As far as we know, there is no other app that can create a photostrip from gallery photos and share the photostrip in just a few taps.

Have you tried Photobooth free from the Android Market?  What do you think of Photobooth’s ability to combine photos?  Do you think it’s handy?

Ken East

Ken is an expert on management and is currently engrossed with his newly started adventure in logistics management. But, that’s only his second love. His first love, of course, and without being mushy when this is said, is Android.