Google recently took more than 50 apps out of the Android Market. They did this because the apps were found to contain the Android malware DroidDream. As you could have guessed, malware is not good for your device. Just like a virus on your computer, malware is very dangerous and can do crazy things to your brand spanking new Android device. However, if you have Lookout Mobile Security or any of the other best security/antivirus apps installed on your device, chances are the malware will never make it on to your device. It is always a good idea to have some sort of security program installed. In fact, Lookout runs completely in the background while still providing expert security for your Android device.

But since you don’t have Lookout Mobile Security, and you are a pretty avid Android Market user, maybe even a third party source downloader (no judging here), your device might just be infected with malware. Therefore, Lookout has created an application that can detect DroidDream malware, and also remove it.

Even if you don’t download apps frequently, “DroidDream Cleaner” by Lookout Labs is absolutely free. So it can’t hurt to get the app and check up on your Android device.

Download DroidDream Cleaner free in the Android Market.

Is your phone infected with DroidDream? Did this app successfully get rid of it?