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How to add custom emojis to Slack

Add a little custom flair to your Slack messages!
December 7, 2022

Slack is a fantastic tool that facilitates open lines of communication between members of an organization. You can send individual members messages as well as join groups and channels to discuss topics with more people. It’s not all serious, though — Slack does allow you to have some fun in customization. That would be with emojis. Let’s go over how to add custom emoji to Slack.

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To add custom emojis to Slack, launch the desktop app. In any channel, group, or thread of your desired workspace, click Emoji > Add Emoji > Upload Image. Upload your sub-128KB image for the emoji, then give it a name. When finished, click Save.


How to add custom emojis to Slack

Adding new emojis to your organization’s current lineup can be great fun. It gives you and other members of your workspace more options for expressing thoughts, feelings, and reactions. That said, there are some limitations.

Firstly, if you’re part of multiple workspaces, the emoji you upload will only appear in the one where you added it. Emoji images must also be 128KB or less.

Step one is to launch the Slack desktop application. Within the workspace where you want to add your emoji, click the Emoji button in the message field.

emoji button location slack
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

At the bottom of the emoji box, click Add Emoji.

select add emoji slack
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In the Add emoji box, click Upload Image. From your computer’s files, select and upload the sub-128KB image file you want to use for your emoji. After that, give it a name.

upload emoji slack
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When you’re ready to add the emoji, click Save.

save button emoji slack
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How to add emojis to Slack on mobile

Unfortunately, you cannot add emojis to Slack on mobile. The Slack mobile app makes accessing those open lines of communication very easy. However, certain functions — like uploading emojis — are not possible at this time.

To upload a custom emoji to Slack, you must do so from the desktop app on a computer.

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