Hello everybody! I’m Darryl Doak, you may have seen me in my previous get rich quick articles like “U.S. National Carrier Plan Price Showdown!” and “Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V Review – Raising the Bar for Budget Android Phones!” Today, I’ve got a new get rich strategy for you! Let’s learn how to manage your money on your phone everywhere you go!

In all seriousness though, there are no tricks to getting rich quickly, or to become debt free. In the words of Dave Ramsey, “becoming rich isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.” There’s nothing more to it than managing your dollars as they come in and go out. Now that technology has come as far as it has, our Android Phones are essentially pocket sized computers that can really help us to manage our finances on the go. Now, lets take a look at one of these get rich apps!


EasyMoney is a full featured finance app that is perfect for managing your accounts. A lot like a full desktop finance app, it supports importing account info in .csv and .qif file formats as well as exporting in those same formats. It can be setup for fully automated backups, restoring from backups as well as purging all backups to protect your data.

Once your data is imported you’re able to manipulate your accounts and all your transactions. By default there are three accounts setup, Cash, Credit Card, and Bank Account. However, you can make as many new accounts as you’d like, and import to them. One of the things I really liked was how easy it is to modify your accounts balances by being able to add transactions at any point in the past. I’ve encountered finance programs previously that didn’t have this functionality, so starting balances became a necessity and a very large headache. You’d be surprised how handy something so simple is.


It offers the expected functionality of being able to view transactions in the current month or view all. As well as giving you the ability to manage the cash transactions you’ve done recently, all accounts have the ability to flag transactions in different categories to track expenditures for later viewing in reports. As expected, there is also the ability to create new categories if you tend to buy “abnormal” items.

If you’re the inquisitive type that likes to check out all your transactions in nicely premade reports, then you will probably love the “View Reports” section. There are quite a few options here; Expense by Category Report, Income by Category Report, Monthly Expense Report, Monthly Income Report, Monthly Cash Flow Report, and the Daily Balance Chart.

Managing the flow of your money is easy with the “Make a Transfer” option, as it’s very simple to move money from one account to the next without having to minus a withdrawal from one account – just to add a deposit to another account. There’s also the option to make Repeating Transactions that auto withdraw each month top simplify your monthly money management.

If you’re like me this next features is quite handy. Even though I’m becoming more and more a stickler about my finances I’m still very forgetful. EasyMoney has a specific area named “Bill Reminder” that does nothing but remind you to PAY THAT BILL!

Great Features

Another feature that I found very nice to have is the Monthly Budget manager. You input what your monthly ‘blow’ budget is so you won’t overspend. The key here is to make sure you deduct each transaction, and EasyMoney lets you know how much is left in your monthly ‘blow’ budget.

Depending on how debt free you are, this next feature can be a big bonus, or it can be a bit depressing to use. Your cash, savings accounts, and checking accounts all show up as nice pretty green positive numbers, but your credit card(s) show up as red, negative numbers, and following the screen down at the bottom is your Total Account Balance which actively tracks how much you really are worth. It’s nice to know this info, however, it can always be scary to see this number.

Security is a big issue with our account information, especially while toting all your vital info around with you everywhere you go, luckily this app enables you to create a pin number to access the application before some unauthorized eyes get their grubby hands on your sensitive finance info.

Really, the only problem I had with the whole application was the difficulty I encountered in importing account information from my bank into the app. My main bank only exports in a couple formats, one being .csv while not including the “Amount” tab which is the ongoing total of what is left in the account. The other export wasn’t the qif file format, so I wasn’t able to import my main account info, which is a big issue, that technically isn’t the apps fault.



In the end, all I have to say is, “Go out and buy this app.” I understand it’s a pretty steep purchase at $10. However, there aren’t very many applications out there that will actually help you save more than they cost. One big step to becoming debt free and building wealth is becoming aware of what your purchases are, and where all your money is going. For that reason this app is worth every penny. Thanks for tuning in guys. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on Android Authority for more great ideas to help you save your hard earned dollars!


You can download it from the Android Market here, and from the Amazon Android App Store here!

Darryl Doak
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