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Honeywell Lyric thermostat announced, gives Nest a run for the money

Honeywell has announced its latest smart thermostat, adding quite a few compelling features that could allow it to upstage its competitors -- including Nest.
June 10, 2014

While Nest has become one of the most popular options for smart thermostats in recent times, they are far from the only option out there. One of these older players is Honeywell, which has just announced a new connected thermostat that they are hoping will allow them to leapfrog past the competition.

Formally dubbed as the Lyric, the new thermostat has a rounded body and large display, and certainly hints at a design that has been inspired by Nest. As you’d expect, you can not only twist the circular body to change the temperature, there’s also an app for Android (and iOS) that allows you to make changes.

Lyric does a lot more than just let you set temperatures manually, of course. In addition to alerting you when you need to change a filter or have your furnace checked out by a professional, there’s also unique GPS-based functionality.

In short, if you and your phone leave your home, Lyric senses the departure and automatically adjusts the temp in order to save you money. As you start moving in a direction back towards your home, the Lyric will begin adjusting back to your ‘normal’ temperature setting. Lyric has yet to explain how this might work with multi-smartphone households but hopefully the system is smart enough to handle these types of situations.

If you’re interested in picking up the Lyric, you can do so now through a licensed professional contractor. The DIY crowd will have to wait until the beginning of August, however, where it is expected to go on sale for $279.