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HoneyGram: Browsing Instagram photos and making Instagram collages on Honeycomb or ICS

April 21, 2012

If you’ve ever browsed your social network news feeds, you’ll be familiar with Instagram. It’s the most popular image sharing service enjoyed by iOS users. Despite the exclusivity of this service, Android users now have a way to sneak a peek at the amazing pictures being shared through this service. Say hello to HoneyGram, an app with a multi-touch interface that allows you to browse and view images shared on Instagram. Read on to learn more about HoneyGram.

HoneyGram is an app developed by A Walking City, the same developer behind apps like Rev3Remote, Monkey Fill and Cloud Writer. This app basically functions as an Instagram image browser for Android devices. There are tons of great photos that Instagram users share everyday and because of the popularity of the service, HoneyGram comes in very handy especially if you are not an iOS user.


Log into HoneyGram using your Instagram account and browse the thousands of user-submitted images. Narrow down your search with the use of categories and browse images by popularity and location. You can even do tag searches.

Logging in using your Intagram account also allows you to follow and unfollow users, access more tag search results, and of course, view the images that you’ve shared and those by other users. You can even view your photo feeds.

In addition, you can also add three widgets to your dashboard which are My friend, Tag searches, and My Pictures. You can also like and comment to photos and share them to a social networking site.

Image browsing isn’t the only feature HoneyGram has. HoneyGram has a built-in editor where you can create photo collages out of the photos that you find. If you’re feeling creative, put together impromptu pieces of art all from your Android device. Express yourself using either your own uploaded pictures from Instagram or any of the ones that users have submitted.

Another thing that makes HoneyGram exciting to use is its Multi-Touch Interface Visualization. To use this feature, you just have to press the Interface button. This allows you to make some changes to an image by using any of the five multi-touch functions. When you want to move an image you use a one-finger touch; two-finger touches rotate the image; and three-finger touches drag an image to the top of the screen. Four-finger touches allows you to hide an image and five-finger touches reveal all hidden images.


Despite how great HoneyGram is for browsing and viewing pictures on Instagram, an Instagram account is required to log into the device. And unfortunately, the only way that you can create an Instagram account is through the official Instagram app on an iOS device. Apart from that one snag, that’s the only problem HoneyGram has.

So if you want to have more than a sneak peek of the great images shared on Instagram, try HoneyGram for your Android device now. You can download HoneyGram from the Google Play Store. It’s available for Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Google TV.

Have you tried HoneyGram?  What is the experience like?