Honeycomb tablets are becoming a more popular option nowadays. This is because of the fact that the new Android version is optimized for use on tablets. However, it isn’t exactly perfect. One of its failures is that it doesn’t have a true fullscreen option. Whenever you’re watching YouTube videos, looking at images in the gallery, or even playing games, the navigation bar is always present. This can get irritating for many users.

Here’s a solution for that. HoneyBar is a simple way to temporarily hide the navbar on a Honeycomb tablet. The main requirement is that the tablet be rooted.

Upon installation, HoneyBar will launch itself and constantly run in the middle of the navbar. This area is usually blank except on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – where TouchWiz usually places a mini app tray is. Honeybar still works though because the developer implemented an experimental fix that moves the location of the HoneyBar touch zone.

To activate Honeybar and hide that navbar, you just tap at the white box. This immediately hides the navbar until you want it to come back. On the Galaxy Tab, just press where the blank space is. After using it ten times, the white box will disappear permanently. However, the touch zone is still there and you can tap it to hide the navbar again. To return the navbar, just tap where the center of the navigation bar is supposed to be.

The HoneyBar app is a cheap app  at $0.99 and you can pick it up at the Android Market.

Source: Androidpolice

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