autohtnA new Android app called AutoHTN is being developed that will let users control thermostats, lights, outlets, blinds, and other home accessories/equipment directly from their Android handhelds. The open source OS has allowed home automation to be taken mainstream by the Home Theater Network company and will allow users an affordable option to regulate and automate their home systems. A video of AutoHTN in action can be found below.

AutoHTN app can help with the following:

1. Save on energy costs by keeping the AC at a higher temperature when you’re at work, and lowering the AC temperature before you commute home.
2. If you’re on vacation, you can turn on lights to make it look like you’re home. You could also use your house’s web cams to make sure the house is safe.
3. To increase safety, use the “All On” button to turn on all the lights in a house when you come home.
4. Use the automated outlets to turn on/off fans, coffee makers, or other appliances.
5. Use the web cams to make sure your pets are safe and behaving themselves.

For more information, visit HTN.

[via TalkAndroid]