Looking for a home has never been so much easy, thanks to Android applications saving the day. For quite a while now, users have been taking advantage of the Internet for finding trusted apartments and homes. One of the most popular home finding services is HomeFinder.com. If you have been struggling to find your perfect home and you own an Android phone, then you’re in luck as HomeFinder is expanding its service to an application for mobile devices.

Officially known as HomeFinder.com Real Estate, the app features the same functionality found in its older Web version. Featuring the most expansive property searching algorithm, the app can help users pinpoint the exact type of home that they are searching for.

The app is also equipped with a built-in mortgage calculator, geo-fence and photos of the interior and exterior of the property, important data related to the property, and a whole lot more.

HomeFinder also has the same features of other real-estate locating applications, like filters that will help narrow down your search criteria to only the most relevant searches. What makes HomeFinder different from the rest is the depth of the search filters. These filters include setting custom location radius, property type, price range, number of rooms, and capacity of the property. In addition to that, HomeFinder is laced with several other features including the type of listing by house, rentals, foreclosures and a lot more to choose from.

On the app’s main screen, users can see all the houses that have recently been on sale under the Open House deal option. The top part of the screen is dedicated to showing the on-sale houses that are near your location.

The app detects and matches searches automatically in real-time. The app will keep on updating relevant search results, such as the total number of properties available, on the bottom part of the screen. If you often do drive-by’s in the neighborhood, looking for a place to stay, then the real-time feature might come in handy the next time you want to do a few rounds in your car.

Selecting a property on the list will reveal the property’s details, a picture of the property, notes, and other relevant data. Users can also synchronize their search results with their accounts at home.

Individual search results can be saved or can be shared with other users on popular social-networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. The app also sports a mortgage calculator and monthly mortgage estimate on each property. The handy calculator can really help home hunters in estimating property value. The app can also provide the Google Maps driving directions to the property that you wish to visit.

Find that home you’ve always dreamed of.  Download HomeFinder.com Real Estate free from the Google Play Store.