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Holofication Nation app lands on Google Play

Holofication Nation, a project which aims to beautify your Android apps, has released its official app to the Google Play Store.
February 17, 2014
Holofication Nation

I’m sure you all remember Holofication Nation, the small team of developers who are gradually bringing less stylish Android apps into the modern world of Holo. When we first covered Holofication Nation, the team was looking for a developer to build an official app to house their downloads, and it hasn’t taken them long to get one up and running.

The new app works as a centralised download hub for all of the Holofication Nation’s current and future projects. You can download all the apps from within, setup notifications and download parameters for when an update arrives, and you’ll be kept up to date if a new Holo app becomes available. The app also comes with a variety of its own themes, includes a changelog for each of the apps, and also allows you to throw some feedback directly to the team.

Obviously, the biggest benefit is that the app helps to keep everything in one place. So no more checking various forum pages and websites to figure out which update you should install. The app is free, but you can donate directly to the development team from within the app.

Holofication Nation App

The Nolofication Nation team have currently only touched up a small selection of apps, including, CNN, Grooveshark, Steam, and Instagram, which, at the time of writing, is broken but is in the process of being patched back up. More apps should be on the way in the future too.

Just like installing the Holoified apps manually, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve uninstalled the original version of the app before installing the Holo themed variant. You can grab the app directly from the Google Play Store.

Are you enjoying a more unified look on your smartphone? Which apps would you like the team to Holoify next?