Holofication Nation

It’s been a couple of years since the introduction of Android 4.0 and the swanky looking Holo UI, which polished up the general appearance of our favourite operating system. Since then, Android has certainly benefited from a more unified appearance, but on the flip side, it’s now more frustrating than ever when you encounter an app with a completely out of place design.

Enter Holofication Nation, a couple of designers and 750+ community members who are eager to correct the design mistakes of other app developers and to help unify your phone’s user interface.

The development team is currently very small, consisting of just two guys (Connor Kirkby and Brandon D’Souza), but they’ve already fully converted four apps to Holo. Instagram, Grooveshark, Steam, and Snapchat, have been the first to receive the Holofication treatment, and the developers are taking suggestions for more apps via its Google+ community. The team is also currently looking a developer to build an official app to provide downloads for these Holo-fied apps, although they stress that this is an unpaid position.

Holofication Nation screenshots

If you’d like to test out one of the modified apps, you’ll first need to uninstall the original versions. Fortunately, no rooting or other mods are required to install the Holo version. You can find all the app downloads on the original XDA Forum thread.

Do you think that app developers should do more to conform to Android’s default Holo appearance, or do you prefer a little bit of diversity?

Robert Triggs
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