Hivision were showing off their new netbook at CES recently, running Android. Hivision specialise in embedded ARM-based laptops. The device in question is a 7’’ netbook and very compact offering an ARM 9 chipset running at 500Mhz. Furthermore, it is affordable. How affordable? Well the guy in the YouTube video after the jump does not seem to be the Hivision representative, but believes the device could run as low as $149 in the supermarkets. Don’t jump onto the bandwagon though as he also says “fantastic and awesome” a little too much, along with “I’m just guessing here”.

The enthusiastic man in the video goes onto pick up a forthcoming Hivision MID device set to land in March. In the YouTube video the MID is shown to be running Windows CE, but he asks whether Android will run on this device. The lady he is speaking to, presumably the Hivision representative, confirms and he once again asks the consumer price point. “What is the end consumer price maybe …(he doesn’t wait for her to answer) … I’m just guessing, let me guess, I’ll guess, $149.” I couldn’t help find this guy amusing, at least for his love of the $149 price point but especially as he then goes on to give a consumer supply lecture on economies of scale.

Anyway, I detract from the point a little. In short, Hivision have a number of forthcoming Android based devices, including an “affordable” netbook along with an MID device. The netbook will offer Ethernet, SD Card slot, 2 USB ports and headphones. Video after the jump.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.