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Update October 14, 2014: Hitlist now supports email signup, in addition to Facebook signup.

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What is Hitlist?

Hitlist is a playlist sharing application where people can build music playlists and share them with other people. Think of Spotify’s playlist feature where you can build a playlist and then you can share it with other people. It’s like that but a little more indie. It’s free to use without in app purchases.

Here’s how it works. You have to use Facebook to sign in which may be a problem for some people. Once you get signed in you can then start creating playlists. Playlists can consist of music on your device or you can browse music on Soundcloud as well. It doesn’t have support for mainstream streaming services so many popular songs probably won’t be there unless you own them. Once your playlist is built, you can share it with your friends on Facebook. They can add to the playlist or just listen to it. There is also a chat function so you can chat with people while listening to music or leave messages about the playlist.

The interface is simple. Everything is laid out in a logical manner and nothing is difficult to find. Music controls are across the bottom and menus open up from the right side so you can alter things there. The SoundCloud searches are fairly quick. Everything seems to work as it should which is a good thing.

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Fun, if limited


The app overall is very easy to use.
The design is pretty simple and pleasant.
If you listen to a lot of music over SoundCloud, this is a great way to build playlists to listen to.
Sharing playlists over Facebook was pretty easy.


Only Facebook is supported.
If you don't use SoundCloud for listening to music and you stream your content from other services, this app is pretty much useless.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a fun little social app. The music selection isn’t great and it does have limited use cases but if you like doing playlists with friends for parties and the like, then this is something to check out.

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