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Notification History: Record keeper of notification alerts

August 1, 2012

Android’s latest version, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, is gaining momentum as updates have started to roll out onto devices, leaving users craving for the new and exciting eye-candy to check out. Speaking of eye-candy, sloppy notifications tend to sour the supposed-to-be-sweet Android experience. They wake you up late at night, disturb during your study hours or when you don’t expect them, and the worst, cause you to miss out on the important notifications for your apps. Notification History can save you from the hassle, keeping all your notification alerts sorted and easy to access.

Notification History, as its name suggests, simply provides you with a detailed log of all the notifications on your phone 24 hours a day or as long as your phone still has some power left. Everything is well-presented on the app’s simple interface, complete with detailed descriptions such as the app’s name, notification count, date, time, and other details.

Using Notification History

When you tap on the title of the app, it reveals all the underlying notifications registered on your phone, letting you easily go through them. Once you have checked the important notifications, you can easily Backup, Delete, or Clear all of them via the icons found at the bottom of the app’s screen. If you have gone through the list of notifications and you think none of them are important, you can also opt to Clear all of them in a flash.

To activate the app and start managing your notifications, you have to first toggle the Accessibility and Notification History options. Once done, you are good to go. It’s also worth mentioning that aside from being dedicated to prevent app notifications from littering your mobile Android device, it’s also designed to identify which apps are sending annoying notifications or pushing annoying advertisements to the status bar. Once you have identified them, you can also easily uninstall them via the app.

It doesn’t matter if it’s notification for your mail, application alerts, or even the download status of the file that you are downloading because Notification History has you all covered.

Enjoy a clutter-free phone free of charge, courtesy of the Notification History app, or if you wish to enjoy an ad-free interface, you can opt to purchase the premium version. Both are available on the Google Play Store.