They might have not been the absolute stars of the show at CES 2013, but the new line-up of Google TV powered products did turn some heads, so it would have been a terrible shame for us to totally ignore them.

Surprisingly (for some), one of the Google TVs that caught our eye the most in Vegas was one of Hisense’s brand spanking new “Smart TVs”. Why might that be surprising? Well, for one, Hisense is not exactly a household name in the industry – or at least not as strong as LG, for instance.

Then again, we have to keep it real with you and admit – it’s not like this TV set screamed for us and lured us in with its awesome looks and spec sheet, but more like we were very keen to seeing what Hisense was up to at the most exciting tech event in the world. We think you already know why, but in case you missed it the Chinese company recently launched the Pulse, which our good friend Derek Ross has called “the best Google TV set top box yet”.

Coincidentally (or maybe not?), it was again Derek who spotted the Google TV set from Hisense on display in Vegas, so, as anyone in his position would do, he whipped out his camera and immortalized the gadget for our viewing pleasure.

We’re unsure as to the exact size of the particular model caught on film by our colleague, but we know Hisense will be having an array of new TVs up for grabs starting in “Q1” (so, anytime now), with a 32-incher set to be the tiniest of the bunch.

In terms of hardware, details are also pretty slim, but there should be a Marvel processor of sorts inside the Google TV, 2 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. As far as software goes, you’ll be seeing a quick demo of the seemingly smooth and clean UI in the video, but of course it’s way too early to cast a definitive verdict.

Finally, let’s say a couple of words about the remote, which looks basically the same as the one accompanying the Hisense Pulse set top box. The “teardrop” design is definitely eye-catching, but the functionality is where this excels the most.

There are two equally impressive sides to the remote, one with a full QWERTY keyboard and one with more “traditional” controls as well as a comfy touchpad. But enough talking from me and let’s give the mic to Derek!

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