Hisense, not to be confused with Hivision, has revealed details on its first Android handset, called the HS-E90.  Official specifications include a 3.5 inch HVGA touchscreen display, CDMA / EVDO Rev. A connectivity, music and video players, Bluetooth, microSD card support, an FM radio, a 5MP autofocus camera, and a 1500 mAh battery that is rumored to last up to 4 hours.  While the hardware of this device looks to be sleek and sexy with a sort of minimalist feel to it, the overlaying UI leaves much to be desired.

Running Android, Hisense has put its own twist on the UI with enlarged icons and a Sense UI-ish 3 button bottom that allows for easy access to contacts, dialer, and messaging (all of which are most likely customizable).  In viewing the official photos, one will also see many AT&T official apps located on the menu and the China Telecom logo in the top right corner of the screen.  It is known that China Telecom and AT&T share many of their telecommunications resources, so this should come to no surprise.  Set to launch in China this month, rumored future marketplaces include Europe and even the United States.  No word has been given on pricing for the device at this time.

Hisense had a fairly robust booth at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, mainly showcasing displays and televisions, but it is great to see new companies jumping into the mobile frontier with Android at their side.  Hit the jump for a larger front and back view of the HS-E90.

[via LeakDroid]

HS-E90 Front

HS-E90 Back