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Augmented reality laser tag app called Hex3 AppTag hits Android and iOS

Remember the good old days of carrying around the big gun and wearing that pseudo armor? Running around in rooms that featured multicolored strobe lights and fog machines? Now, you can relive those laser tag memories with Hex3 AppTag for Android.
September 24, 2012
Laser tag is a lot of fun. For many of us, it was a staple of childhood fun. For many more of us, it remains a staple of adult fun. There is nothing quite like putting on that vest and stepping into the area to shoot some people with some laser beams. It is now possible to get that kind of action without having to go to a laser tag place or buy the equipment yourself. It comes in an Android and iOS application called Hex3 AppTag.

Okay, so if you wanted to use Hex3 AppTag you actually would have to buy laser tag equipment. What comes in the package is the Hex3 AppTag Blaster and an application to make it work. It’s quite simple, actually. You attach the phone to the Hex3 AppTag Blaster and turn on the application. The Blaster actually uses high frequency tones to communicate with the app, so it doesn’t interfere with any other processes. According to Engadget, you can even take the handle off and put it on a real gun if you wanted to.

When will the Hex3 AppTag be available?

While the blaster and application are not yet available, the release date is sometime in the near future. You can get the Hex3 AppTag Blaster on pre-order for $59.99. Presumably, that will include the application you need to play.

What makes this product so very interesting is the augmented reality aspect. With your phone acting as a viewfinder, you can look through the phone at your targets in order to shoot them. When you shoot, your phone will show you where the laser went and who it hit. There is also single player mode, so even if you have no friends, you can still play. For your viewing pleasure, here’s an official video of some kids playing multiplayer mode.

Of course, the application won’t be stuck on what it has now. Hex3 will be opening up the SDK to developers who can create their own games or otherwise modify the game to their liking. This definitely sounds like a home run for the Android world. Even for the iOS world. So, who’s down for a Hex3 AppTag Apple v Android world war?