Our phones are usually with us when we go out – however, there are sometimes when we can’t immediately access out phones. It may be because we left it behind somewhere or we’re currently preoccupied.

This doesn’t mean that we should just leave people hanging when they message us. It maybe urgent or something similar. An immediate reply may be needed – and people can sometimes get angry if you don’t answer them ASAP. This is why this new app should be useful to anyone. Txt Msg Away Message is a simple app that can automatically text a reply whenever you’re not available. This app can be used while you’re away or inside a meeting or class. So how does it work?

Well, for one, this app is pretty simple to use. When you enter the initial screen, you immediately see a text box for your away message, an on/off toggle for activating the app, and a dropdown box that saves previous away messages. Hitting the menu button will open up the preferences pane which lets you set up the particular options that you want for the app. There’s Away Time (which lets you setup how long you will be away), a Contacts List Only mode (which lets you autoreply only sent to known contacts), an Away Active Icon (turns the icon in the notification bar on and off), and a Hide Alerts icon (stops notifications that autoreplies were sent).

And that’s all of it! A pretty simple app, but a feature I think every phone should have. You can pick it up at the Amazon Appstore – it used to be for free but now it will cost you $1.99.

Source: TalkAndroid

Aerol Bibat
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