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Connect to the world with a HelloTalk VIP subscription

Say hello to the world and learn new languages as a HelloTalk VIP. You can say hola to savings today at only $29 for life.
October 22, 2019
HelloTalk VIP

40% of the people on Earth admit to knowing just one language. There are numerous excuses to justify this: no time to practice, no need to use it, and many more. A lifetime subscription to HelloTalk VIP throws excuses out the window. You can grab this deal and meet the world for only $29.

You can communicate using text or voice to build friendships with people you never thought you’d meet. The voice recordings help you to fine-tune your speaking ability as you learn a new language. The HelloTalk VIP subscription provides unlimited translations for text messages when you’re seeking to improve your writing ability.

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One of the hardest parts of learning a language can be finding someone to practice with. If you decide to become a HelloTalk VIP you’ll find yourself at the top of the match lists and practicing with up to 25 new people per day.

When you view someone’s profile, you can see the languages they’re practicing and work together to learn. As a VIP you can even utilize advanced search features to talk to users close to you and filter community posts by language.

HelloTalk VIP highlights:

  • Make conversations run smoothly with built-in aids.
  • Learn one of 150 languages and meet 15 million users.
  • Practice up to three languages at a time.
  • Interact with the entire community using Moments.

When you’re a HelloTalk VIP, you’ll have unlimited message translations, driving you towards becoming a proud polyglot (a speaker of multiple languages) in no time.

This deal will make you a VIP for life for only $29 — an 87% price drop on the retail value of $229.95. Learning a language for less than $30 beats Duolingo and Rosetta Stone hands down.

Meet the world before the deal disappears via the button below.

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