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Heads up, Canadian folks! Expansys is selling Galaxy Nexus for $399

April 26, 2012

When Google senior vice president of mobile and digital content Andy Rubin made the announcement that the company will start selling Galaxy Nexus on Google Play, the whole world erupts in cheers. That’s a slight exaggeration, we know, but because the flagship device is priced at an OMG-price of $399 unlocked (!!), who wouldn’t get excited and want to snap up the phone with its 4.65-inch display goodness and the pure unadulterated Google experience?

Things didn’t turn out so well for Canadian folks, however, since it turns out the unlocked Galaxy Nexus is only available to US customers. Despite their geographical proximity to the US, the Canadians interested in snatching the Galaxy Nexus have to cough up a lot more than what Google is asking on its digital storefront, and that’s before taxes and shipment fees are added to the price.

Luckily, our friends at Mobile Syrup and Frandroid have discovered a mighty sweet deal on the Galaxy Nexus from Expansys, an online retailer with warehouses in Canada. The retailer is offering the unlocked and unbranded version of the Galaxy Nexus for $419.99, excluding taxes and shipment cost. Even better: although the phone is listed at $419.99, adding it to the shopping cart will magically lower the price to $399.99. The version that Expansys is selling is running the yakju build, which means any future OTA update will be pushed directly by Google to your Galaxy Nexus.

So Canadian buddies, better move fast if you don’t want to miss this possibly deal of a lifetime, you never know when it will expire.