Hd Widgets, a constant “Editors Choice” pick in the Play Store, has released a new lineup. This time around, they’re going for minimalist cool, rather than complex personalization. The new packet comes in 50 different colors, and are just as customizable as their predecessors.

Named ‘Colourform’, they’re what is being touted as a “theme pack”, meaning you’ll have to own HD Widgets first. However, for a few bucks, you can afford yourself a myriad of options to alter the look and persona of your Android device. If you’re a fan of simple design, these new widgets will suit you nicely.

First impressions are that they look a lot like Windows 8, and their ‘metro’ tiles. That’s not negative, either. Many Android fans like that look, as quite a few custom ROMs have mimicked the style. Now, those of us who don’t like to root our devices can enjoy another level of customization.

HD Widgets new Colourform packet is available in the Play Store now, for $0.99. Remember that you’ll need the original HD Widgets as well, which runs $1.99. That’s not a huge investment, but the return is.